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October 2017: Lee’s Blog

A day in the Life of a Recruitment Consultant at MMH

Job title: Account Consultant

Summary of role: Sourcing and managing the temporary workforce required at the Midland Metropolitan Hospital.

Number of years at SkyBlue Carillion: 20 months

What groups and committees are you part of ? I spend a lot of time with other local organisations helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds find employment and attending job fayres/registration events.

What does a typical day entail for you? With no day ever the same I spend my day reviewing messages from the Foreman and hiring managers, and then I will make sure I visit the team to check if there are any issues or queries I can help with.

What do you enjoy most about your job? My favourite part of working for SkyBlue is working with such a fantastic team. Everybody is happy to help if I have any issues, from central head office staff,  account consultants, Paul Rowan  my line manager and the SMT

How did you first get your first role in SkyBlue? I met up with the Operations Manager at Sheffield I then attended an interview and the rest is history.

What would you say is the achievement you are most proud of? My biggest achievement is very cheesy! My kids Nellie 5 and Alfie 8.

Has anyone inspired you during your career and, if so who and why? No-one in particular has inspired me throughout my career. I’m self driven to provide the best for my family

Describe yourself in three words: Honest, Friendly and professional. My wife would say grumpy,grumpy and grumpy!

August 2017: Freddy’s Blog

All too often significant achievements and milestones during a construction project are not recognised, as focus shifts to the next element of work. To celebrate the completion of the concrete frame on the MMH project the Carillion project team and the NHS trust ran a week of events to share the achievement of completing the frame with the construction team as well as local community groups.

A safe zone was formed on level 9 to accommodate a series of events culminating in a topping out ceremony on Friday 14th July. During the week local schools and community groups were invited to attend site for an introduction to the project and experience ‘serious play’ with lego. Groups were given a supply of lego and asked to let their imagination run wild as they built superheroes representing the hospital and possible ideas for public space artwork for the hospital when it completes.

In celebration of the achievement all site operatives were offered a free breakfast and site was shut early on Friday for everyone to enjoy a well-earned break. During this time a topping out ceremony was held on site. Bands from local schools provided entertainment.  A number of NHS Trust members and prestigious guests were in attendance, (including the West Midlands Mayor and the MP for Smethwick)all of which  enjoyed an afternoon reflecting on the achievement to date and looking forward to the next phase of the project.

The week of events was a huge success and went a long way towards involving the local community in the new hospital build and celebrating all the hard work and effort that has gone into the project so far. Thanks to everyone who was involved to help make it such a great event.


July 2017: Latest drone footage

March 2017: Tom’s Talk

MMH has now officially been in construction for over a year and the month of March has perhaps been the most important month of progress so far!

The long-awaited last concrete pour of the 10-storey main frame has taken place – that’s 46000m3 of in situ concrete extending nearly 50m into the sky.

As the latest drone footage shows, façade and cross bracing installation on both the north and west elevations, as well as on the higher ward levels, is rapidly progressing.

Internally on the lower levels, partitioning, blockwork and drainage are all starting to take shape – the months of April and May promise to be exciting months for the internal fit-out with a change of focus shifting from superstructure construction.

Throughout March the MMH team have been displaying their commitment to charities and the local community, with:

  • £174 raised for Comic Relief through a Bake sale
  • Over 70 hours of volunteering activities including site tours, running school enterprise activities and delivering seminars
  • 3 Business in The Community  (BITC) Ready for Work placements – with 2 of these managing to secure a full-time job
  • And, 3 school work experience placements (who all thoroughly enjoyed their time at MMH)

The hard work and dedication by everyone in the MMH team is truly demonstrated with all this progress; there is a vibrant and exciting atmosphere looking ahead for the months to come.

March 2017: Latest drone footage shows project progress

November 2016: Bianca’s Blog

Christmas is approaching fast – end of the year (sigh).

As we come to year end, the month of November has brought many different teams here at MMH together on site.

The Frame team has reached an exciting moment this month. With their continuous effort, they have now reached level 6, the first ward floor where the patient bedrooms will be situated.

In the meantime, the Internal fit-out team have been keeping themselves busy this month with levels 2 to 4.

In addition to this, the Envelope team, which is the fantastic team I have the pleasure of working with, have now started work on site.

We began installing façade panels early this month on the western elevation, visible from Grove Lane. Progress on the first two courtyards is also moving swiftly.

November has also been full of activities for the team here at Carillion with many charity and voluntary activities, but I think some will consider the most important of all the activities was a football match against our friends from the Birmingham Paradise Circus Project (which we won of course!).

September 2016: Harry’s Blog

Wow, it’s the beginning of September, the end of Summer! The last few months have seen the rapid construction of the hospital, with around 1000 cubic metres of concrete being poured every week!

While the schools have been on holiday, it’s been a good opportunity for local pupils to come and experience life and work on a major construction project like MMH.

With some staying for only a day or two, and others working with us for a couple of months- it’s clear to see the education and enjoyment they’ve got out of their visits.

One pupil who I worked with for a week was between years at sixth form, having just finished her AS-Levels. She thought she might like to go into design/engineering/architecture and wanted to understand more what life was like in the world of construction – I was tasked to show her!

She was given a task which lasted most of the week, and was of real use to me and the rest of the design/project team. I didn’t see any point in giving a menial task with no end use – I would much rather utilise the extra brain and put it to work! I was told this was much better than other placements she had done, in that she felt real benefit and achievement in what she had achieved.

As we look forward now to the coming months, it’s all about planning the handover of Levels 0-5 over to the envelope and cladding team, as well as finishing off the steelwork design ready for construction of the Winter Garden roof. The team has kept a great pace of work up, we just need to sustain that throughout the rest of construction.

September 2016: Construction progress & community update


Vito Carlesimo - Construction Supervisor (Frame)

July 2016: Vito’s Voice

July marks a milestone on the project as we started the concrete to the 4th floor (the one immediately below the Winter Garden) and will also complete the 1st floor car park.

It has also been a milestone week for the project as our groundworks subcontractor has fully handed over all of the building footprint to our concrete frame specialists.

This includes a period where we successfully installed over 1,800 concrete foundation piles. Piles are pillars of concrete which we drill down into the ground until we hit rock and ensure the hospital structure stays well and truly put!

The project is progressively making its mark on the local skyline where our 6 tower cranes and concrete stair cores can be clearly seen from local roads and trains passing by on the nearby West Coast Mainline.

As a team we have had a busy couple of weeks welcoming a number of works experience students from local schools and universities, who we hope will be future members of our exciting industry.

A highlight so far has been the opportunity to support Business in the Community’s Ready for Work programme, where we have successfully helped a number of individuals from the local community back into full time employment.

Below is our latest drone footage showing the fantastic progress made to date on this exciting project:

Come back soon for further updates and more drone footage!

April 2016: Construction Update